How Much Do Food Service Workers Get Paid?

How much do food service workers make in hospitals?

Hourly Wage for Hospital Food Service Worker SalaryPercentileHourly Pay RateLocation25th Percentile Hospital Food Service Worker Salary$13US50th Percentile Hospital Food Service Worker Salary$14US75th Percentile Hospital Food Service Worker Salary$17US90th Percentile Hospital Food Service Worker Salary$19US1 more row.

How much does a cafeteria worker make in a hospital?

National Average As of Dec 15, 2020, the average annual pay for a Hospital Cafeteria Worker in the United States is $29,331 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $14.10 an hour. This is the equivalent of $564/week or $2,444/month.

What fast food pays the most 2020?

Taco Bell pays its managers the highest of all fast food chains. FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo with more. When it comes to the highest-paid managers in the fast-food industry, Taco Bell leads the pack, according to data from Glassdoor which analyzed 10 major players in the fast-food industry.

What do food service assistants do?

As a Food Service Assistant you will be responsible for: Assisting with the preparation of and the serving of all meals and beverages to customers, ensuring great customer service at all times. … Ensuring that the kitchen and service areas are clean and tidy, assisting with waste removal and washing up.

Do school lunch ladies get paid during the summer?

Do school workers get paid in the summer? So while some teachers don’t actually get paid during the summer break, they are usually paid “for the summer break” from their withholdings that they have accumulated throughout the school year.

How much do lunch ladies make 2019?

These workers earned $22,130 a year on average, or $10.64 an hour. The aides who strictly served food numbered 27,000, also 97 percent of the overall total. They earned an average of $22,210 a year, or $10.68 an hour.

How much do food service assistants make?

Average Salary for a Food Service Assistant Food Service Assistants in America make an average salary of $25,924 per year or $12 per hour.

How much do fast food workers get paid a month?

National Average As of Dec 19, 2020, the average monthly pay for a Fast Food Worker in the United States is $1,874 a month.

Does McDonald’s pay $15 an hour?

Hourly Wage A McDonald’s worker earns around US$8 per hour, which, truthfully speaking, is hardly enough to support an individual, let alone a family. They work five days a week, which is an average of 25-30 hours per week.

What’s the highest paying fast food job?

The 10 best-paying jobs in fast foodMcDonald’s Fry Cook: $8.07 an hour. … Five Guys Burgers & Fries Crew Member: $8.07 an hour. … Dunkin’ Donuts Cashier: $8.12 an hour. … Chick-fil-A Team Member: $8.16 an hour. … Jamba Juice Team Member: $8.29 an hour. … Noodles & Company Noodle Ambassador: $8.31 an hour.More items…•

How much does a food service assistant make at Costco?

The typical Costco Wholesale Food Service Assistant salary is $14. Food Service Assistant salaries at Costco Wholesale can range from $12 – $17.

What does a cafeteria worker do?

Duties and responsibilities Oversees the preparation, cooking and serving of food for the purpose of providing students and staff with food of high nutritional quality as well as meeting individual needs.

How much do cafeteria workers make?

Cafeteria workers are generally paid anywhere from $9 to $16 per hour. If they work a full-time schedule, they likely receive a better than average benefits package. Part-time workers may receive benefits as well, but some benefits may be prorated on the basis of how many hours per week they work.

What is the world’s lowest paying job?

25 of the Lowest Paying JobsParking Lot Attendants.Waiters and Waitresses.Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners.Automotive and Watercraft Service Attendants.Nonfarm Animal Caretakers.Manicurists and Pedicurists.Graders and Sorters of Agricultural Products.Hand Packers and Packagers.More items…

What is the average salary of a teacher in America?

$58,950The national average starting teacher salary is $38,617, while the average teacher salary in America (non-starting) is $58,950. Montana has the lowest starting salary: $30,036, while D.C. has the highest starting salary: $51,359.

What does a food service worker do in a hospital?

Your job as a Hospital Food Service Worker is to prepare and deliver trays to patients, and clean up afterward. What’s an average day like? When mealtime rolls around, the Hospital Food Service Worker starts setting out food for each patient.

What education do you need to be a food service worker?

A food service worker does not need any experience but a high school diploma or GED equivalent is preferred. One of the most important skills that a food service worker will have is attention to detail. Another skill is organization as the food service worker will have to be able to help the kitchen run effectively.

What is a cafeteria worker called?

A lady who serves lunch. lunch lady. cafeteria lady.