Question: Do I Pay Tax On JobKeeper?

What if I earn more than JobKeeper?

If an employee usually earns more than the JobKeeper Payment the employer is expected to top up their wage payment and pay superannuation as normal.

Employers will be legally obliged to pass the payments in full to their employees..

How much tax do I pay on JobKeeper?

They will be required to pay you $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight. The payment will be treated as income, and so will have tax withheld by your employer on your behalf.

Is the JobKeeper payment before or after tax?

The JobKeeper payment is $1500 per fortnight before tax. This is a flat rate whether you work full time or part time. Casual workers who have been employed for longer than 12 months are also eligible to receive the $1500 payment.

Do you pay tax on JobKeeper sole trader?

Tax-time reminder: Sole traders receiving JobKeeper and JobSeeker must declare payments as assessable income. … That’s because for sole traders, JobKeeper payments count as assessable income, which means they will have to declare the wage subsidy payments on their tax returns.

Is the 1500 tax free?

Yes. The minimum payment eligible workers will get is $1500 before tax.