Question: Does Octopath Traveler Have A Good Story?

What is the best party in Octopath traveler?

If you’re using Cyrus, I would make him a Dancer or a Cleric.

They’re both good combos on him.

I would also use either Ophilia or Primrose, or even both because they’re just that good.

Alfyn is considered by most to be the best party-member of all, so that could fill the party out..

How can I level up Octopath fast?

Dancing is the key to quickly leveling up. The best strategy for level grinding in Octopath Traveler centers on the ability Bewildering Grace belonging to the Dancer class.

Will there be an Octopath Traveler 2?

Whether it’ll be Octopath Traveler 2 or something else. Moreover, I’m calling it a sequel for convenience, but it wasn’t confirmed to be a sequel, and so far Square Enix only said it’s a “new Octopath Traveler console game”. Personally speaking I have high hopes for the next Octopath console game.

How many side quests are in Octopath traveler?

101 side storiesSide Stories are small quests that can be solved using Path Actions or by defeating certain enemies. There are 101 side stories in total. The first side story available is always Kit, the Traveler, and will take place in the same region as the first traveler chosen by the player.

Does Octopath traveler have a main story?

Yes. It has 8 main separate plots.

How do you enjoy Octopath traveler?

General TipsRemember all your basic JRPG habits. … Use your path actions as often as possible. … Be aware that fast travel exists. … Don’t forget about summons. … Rotate characters. … Make sure to unequip characters you aren’t using. … If you see an extra dungeon, explore it. … Find all the basic job shrines ASAP after Chapter 1.More items…•

How many hours is Octopath traveler?

60-70 hoursThe completionists who need to find everything and max out all of their characters will find that Octopath Traveler will take upward of 60-70 hours to complete. That number can be extended depending on just how long you spend on every little side quest, but it should be around 60 hours to get everything done.

How do I beat Octopath Galdera?

The key to winning this phase is having Tressa cast Transfer Rune on herself, then casting Sidestep on the whole party to dodge physical attacks, and your Warmaster should be spamming their divine skill whenever they can to deal AoE damage to all three parts of the boss.

Is Octopath Traveler boring?

It wasn’t the grind that bored me. It was the characters, their story, and their crappy dialogues that bored the hell out of me. The stories were terrible and cliche. I just felt like the game wasn’t rewarding at all and more of a waste of time.

Is Octopath traveler worth $60?

Yes Octopath Traveler is a AAA game, it costs $60. A game’s monetary value is simply what I am willing to pay for it. … It’s a AAA Square Enix game.

What is the max level in Octopath traveler?

level 99The max level cap you can reach with any single character is level 99. Once you reach this max level cap in Octopath Traveler, you should find most of the enemies in the game a bit of a walk in the park.

Do you have to play Octopath traveler 8 times?

No, You Don’t Need to Play It Eight Times Octopath Traveler has eight playable characters, each with their own unique storyline. … True, each time you start a new character’s story they start at level one, but since you have the other characters and equipment you’ve gained prior, it helps things scale properly.

Does Octopath traveler get better?

If you don’t like it now, you may want to consider returning it. The stories do get better (but not amazing) other than Primrose’s, but the game’s general magic is strongest in those first ten or twenty hours or so.

Does Octopath Traveler have an ending?

Each character has an ending in Octopath Traveler — there are eight stories, with eight conclusions. But, if you manage to finish them all, there’s still something left for you to discover. … You’ll need them all to help finish two game-spanning side-quests that require all eight characters in your party to solve.

Can you see enemy health Octopath traveler?

In order to see enemy health in Octopath Traveler, you’ll need to unlock the skill Analyze with the Scholar class. This allows you to see the HP and one weakness of any enemy you select. Of course, the easiest way to do this is simply getting Cyrus and getting enough JP to unlock one skill.

Does it matter who you pick first in Octopath traveler?

That being said, no matter what character you choose to use at the start of Octopath Traveler, the game eases you into battles with that protagonist. … Enemies on the field also scale with how many characters you add to your party. Early in the game, you will see far fewer enemies than when you have a 4 person party.

Can you solo Octopath traveler?

The Lone Traveler is a fun challenge to do, you’ll have to complete the game solo, that means you’ll chose your character at the beginning and you’re not allowed to recruit anyone else until you complete the 4 acts of you main character….OCTOPATH TRAVELER.4,627Unique Visitors103Current FavoritesJun 13, 2019