Quick Answer: Can A Seller Retract A Bid?

How do I bid on live auctioneers?

when you bid during the live auction.

Live auctions begin at the time indicated on catalog and item pages.

To bid live, simply visit the catalog or item at the indicated auction time, and click ‘Enter Live Auction’.

You will be taken to the bidding console where the live auction is taking place..

What is the best online bidding site?

Best Online Auction Sites 2021eBay.com: Best online auction site overall. (Image credit: eBay) … eBid.net: Best value online auction site. (Image credit: eBid) … Webstore.com: Best for rare finds. (Image credit: Webstore) … Bonanza.com: Best for extra features. (Image credit: Bonanza) … Auction Zip – Best traditional online auction site.

Are bids on eBay legally binding?

In most cases, a bid on eBay is a legally binding contract between the buyer and the seller.

Can I cancel a bid on eBay before it ends?

If there are 12 hours or more left before the listing ends, all of your bids can be retracted. If the listing is ending in less than 12 hours, you can retract your most recent bid if it’s been less than an hour since you placed it.

What happens if you don’t pay goodwill auction?

You can try finding other stuff from the same goodwill store and combine shipping. … But yeah, they overcharge on shipping. You are unable to place bids on other items if you don’t pay for 5 items, but you can always make another account.

How does goodwill bidding work?

The bidding process lasts for seven days, during which the bidding and rebidding takes place. … Your maximum bid is only placed if another bidder also bids up to that amount or if your bid meets or exceeds the reserve price set for that item, which is the lowest price the seller is willing to accept for the item.

Can you retract a bid on Shopgoodwill?

Per the terms of the shopgoodwill.com Terms of Service, bids are generally not retractable however as a one-time only courtesy the selling location may be willing to retract your bid at their discretion. … Removal of your obligation to pay is at the sole discretion of the individual Goodwill seller.

How do I retract a bid on LiveAuctioneers?

In order to retract your bid, log into your LiveAuctioneers account. Navigate to and select the My Bids link, located on the top-right of the page. Once on this page, find the item you wish to retract your bid on and select the gray ‘Retract’ option in the lower-right corner of the item.

How can a buyer cancel a bid?

How to cancel a bid:Go to the listing and click the number of bids (next to the price).Go to the bottom of the bid history chart and choose the “cancel bids” icon.You will be redirected to the bid cancellation form where you will enter the info about the auction and the bids you want to have canceled.

What happens if you win a bid on eBay and don’t want it?

Buying an item or bidding on an auction on eBay is a commitment to complete your purchase. Even if you changed your mind or want to cancel your order, you need to pay for your item. … If the seller opens an unpaid item case, you can either pay for the item or state your reason for not making payment.

How do I retract my best offer?

From the Best Offers section, click the View offer details button. 3. A pop-up window will load when you arrive to the offer details page. Click the retract your offer link found under your offer total, which will take you to the Best Offer Cancellation form.

How do I contact LiveAuctioneers?

For pricing and additional information contact: Client Services at 888.600. 2437 ext. 2 or e-mail support@liveauctioneers.com.

How do I cancel a bid on catawiki?

It is not possible to cancel or withdraw your bid. Each bid placed on Catawiki is binding and will remain so unless it is outbid. If the lot concerned was fixed with a reserve price, that lot will not be auctioned off unless its reserve price has been met.

Can a seller cancel a bid?

Sellers can cancel bids for a few reasons, including but not limited to the following: The buyer requests you cancel the bid. The item is no longer fit or available for sale. You made an error in your listing.

Can you back out of a bid on eBay?

How do I cancel an eBay bid? Cancelling an eBay bid can be done via the ‘retracting a bid’ page, using the ‘retract a bid’ button. Simply click on this, then select the product you wish to retract your bid for and give your reason for doing so.

Can I end an auction early and sell to highest bidder?

Go to My eBay > Selling and find the item. From the More actions drop-down menu, select End My Listing Early. If there are bids on your item, choose how you want to end your listing. If there are 12 or more hours before the end of the listing, select Cancel bids and end listing early or Sell item to high bidder.