Quick Answer: Does Florida Require HVAC License?

How long does it take to get HVAC certified in Florida?

Most licensing requirements need three to five years of experience or apprenticeship in order to qualify for the contractors license.

If you have not started on your HVAC experience, we strongly advise that you start now.

There are even apprenticeship schools you can attend to be educated about the HVAC trade..

What states do not require HVAC license?

If there’s no link, there are no state requirements, and HVAC contractor license requirements may include standard small business requirements, which you should explore separately.Alabama. … Alaska. … Arizona. … Arkansas. … California. … Colorado. … Connecticut. … Delaware.More items…•

How do I become an HVAC technician in Florida?

Five Steps to Becoming a HVAC TechnicianStep 1 Earn a high school degree or equivalent. … Step 2 Complete a training program. … Step 3 Pursue apprenticeships and get experience. … Step 4 Earn required state licenses and industry certifications. … Step 5 Continue your education or complete additional degree programs.

What is the best HVAC certification?

NATE certification is among the most common, but also the most notable, of the available HVAC technician certifications. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. It is a testing and certification organization specifically geared to the needs of HVAC technicians.

How do HVAC techs get paid?

The United States Labor of Bureau Statistics explains that the median wage of a HVAC technician sways between $14.94 and $24.84 an hour, though the top 10% makes as much as $30.58 per hour. However, Indeed.com breaks down the pay of HVAC mechanics by salary, claiming the average HVAC technician makes $43,000 a year.

What do HVAC jobs pay?

HVAC Technician Salary Depending on level of experience, HVAC technician salaries range from $20-$55 per hour.

Is HVAC a good career in Florida?

HVAC jobs can never be outsourced and will always be on site, which affords technicians and other professionals long-term job security. Based on 2019 statistics the top three states with the highest concentration of jobs for HVAC technicians are Florida, California, and Texas.

What is the difference between HVAC certification and license?

The HVAC license is obtained after an individual completes his training program and certification / degree. The majority of states require that candidates pass the licensing exam in order to work in the field. License candidates are required to be a minimum of 18 years old. They must be fluent in English.

How much do AC repair guys make?

Average HVAC Technician Salary and Job Growth (Updated For 2021)StateAverage Hourly RateAnnual Tech SalaryCalifornia – HVAC Technician Salary$35.36$73,549Colorado – HVAC Technician Salary$29.33$61,006Connecticut – HVAC Technician Salary$36.72$76,378Delaware – HVAC Technician Salary$22.83$47,48646 more rows•Jan 7, 2021

What is the highest HVAC degree?

A bachelor’s degree in HVAC will likely take a full four years to complete, and provides the most comprehensive level of HVAC instruction. In some cases, an individual may be able to obtain a bachelor’s in less time if they have already completed college credits or if they take additional classes in the summer.

How many HVAC certifications are there?

There are three types of certifications that HVAC technicians can obtain as professionals. Some states require technicians to become licensed and certified by passing exams, and the federal government regulates certification in the Code of Federal Regulations Section 608 of the Clean Air Act.

Do you need a HVAC license in Florida?

Anyone wishing to work as an HVAC contractor in the state of Florida must be licensed through the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. … Still, you only need a certified air conditioning contractor license to work as an HVAC technician.

How much does HVAC school cost in Florida?

School information Time to complete this education training ranges from 7.5 days to 8 months depending on the qualification, with a median time to complete of 1 month. The cost to attend South Florida Academy of AC ranges from $4,500 to $8,000 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $7,000.

How Much Do HVAC Techs Make in Florida?

The average salary for an HVAC technician in Florida is around $40,620 per year.

Do HVAC techs make good money?

Per BLS data, the median salary of HVAC technicians as of May 2016 was $45,910. The highest 10 percent of earners in the HVAC field earned upwards of $73,000.

Is HVAC school hard?

HVAC school is a lot like being on the job when you’re a technician. Schools specially design programs so they can better prepare their students for real-life situations. Those who work as HVAC professionals must be creative, physical, and good at problem-solving—plus they should like working with their hands.

Where do HVAC technicians make the most money?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS May 2019) found that the following states currently have the highest number of HVAC and HVAC/R workers employed:Florida: 31,710 HVAC workers employed.California: 29,650.Texas: 26,690.New York: 18,810.Pennsylvania: 15,630.North Carolina: 13,800.Ohio: 12,100.Virginia: 11,670.More items…

What jobs can you get with HVAC certificate?

Check out this list to see what jobs you can get with an HVAC certificate:HVAC technician ($28K-$67K)​ … AC technician ($24K-$66K)​ … Solar energy technician ($26K-$54K) … Wind turbine technician ($38K-$75K) … HVAC instructor ($31K-$86K)​