Quick Answer: How Do I Know My Train Is Cancelled?

What happens when train Cancelled?

For trains cancelled by Indian Railways, full refund will be provided automatically by IRCTC.

Users need not cancel their e-tickets.

Full fare will be credited back into users accounts from which payment was made..

Which train has Cancelled today?

Cancelled TrainsSerialTrain NoTrain name102054ASR-HW JAN SHATABDI EXP202179LJN AF INTERCIT302180LJN INTERCITY402358ASR KOAA SUP SPL78 more rows

How do I travel if my train is Cancelled?

IRCTC Refund Rules for Cancelled Trains e-Tickets: If your train is cancelled due to any reason, you are entitled to a full refund of your e-Ticket fare whether you have confirmed, Waitlisted or RAC tickets. Passengers with e-Tickets will get the refund credited to the account that they had used for booking.

Will I get refund if train is Cancelled?

If the train is marked as “CANCELLED” in PRS due to breaches, floods, accidents etc. full refund is permissible in case the ticket is cancelled within three days of the scheduled departure of the train. In case of e-tickets, such cancellations can be done by the customer through Internet.

Can I take another train with same ticket?

No, you can not travel In other train with the same ticket because the reserved ticket of train that you missed that does not recorded in any other train. So ultimately you have to buy unreserved ticket and complete your journey.