Quick Answer: How Do I Register My Business Grab?

How do I become a GrabPay merchant?

Launch GrabPay Merchant app and tap ‘Reports’ at the bottom.Select ‘Monthly’ and choose a month.Get your total monthly transactions..

How do I join grab pay?

Get paid for goods/services you sellCustomer to launch Grab app – tap top right for GrabPay.Select ‘Pay’Scan QR code.Enter intended amount.You get paid instantly.

How do I become a GrabFood partner?

How to sign up as a merchant in GrabFood?Fill-up the required information: Restaurant Name. … Tick the captcha.Hit “submit”Wait for the partner services executive to contact you for you to submit your documents and proceed further with the registration and onboarding process.

How do you put money in your wallet?

How to cash-in my GrabPay WalletTap on ‘Payment’ on the bottom navigation bar or on your GrabPay balance on the upper left side of your screen.Tap ‘Cash-in’Select ‘Cards and Wallets’Select or key-in your desired Cash-in value (min. Php 200). Tap ‘Select preferred payment method’ and select your card.Tap ‘Confirm’Success!

Where can I grab my pay?

GrabPay users can pay using their eWallet at a variety of chained outlets such as MyNews, Tesco, Guardian, Watsons, KFC, McDonald’s, Mr DIY, Senheng and more.