Quick Answer: Is Wattson A Human?

Why does wattson have a scar?

Apex Legends Detail: Wattson’s Facial Scar Is The Result Of An Electrical Injury.

Her tactical ability essentially cuts off certain areas of the map by setting down electrical traps that shock her opponents, while her ultimate involves an electrical pylon that repairs shields, and interferes with enemy ordinance..

Is wattson dead?

Heading towards the target given to you by Bangalore, you come across Wattson, who’s down and bleeding out. Before you can get to her however, Wattson dies then and there.

Is wattson better than caustic?

Re: Caustic meta (vs wattson) Caustic is also simply better cause he can be used offensively, he is one of if not the best third party legend in the game, and can be used to breach buildings by gassing people out if needed, lock down kills deny snipers, seperate enemies and revive people safely.

Is Octane a boy or girl apex?

OctaneDetailsReal NameOctavio SilvaGenderMaleAge2410 more rows

Who is the fastest character in Apex?

That’s right. Big old Gibraltar runs at the same speed as the lithe Wraith. According to T_status, each character will sprint 68 meters in around 9.2 seconds when your weapon is holstered. This means that each Legend in Apex Legends has a running speed of 7.4 m/s.

What language does wattson speak?

FrenchThe 10th Apex Legend is set to be Wattson – a lady with a French accent, good grades and a serious obsession with electric fences.

Who has the most kills apex legends?

ImshleepdawgAll Platforms Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerKills1Imshleepdawg148,8392lg_shivfps145,1293FEUTTV_FIVER5GG144,4594abusing_r2143,85796 more rows

Does wattson have autism?

apex sideblog — Wattson’s autism is canon now thankfully.

What is Mirage’s real name?

Elliott WittApex Legends Mirage Backstory After his three brothers met their demise in the Frontier War, Mirage, also known as Elliott Witt, wanted to enter the Apex Games, but knew he couldn’t leave his mother childless.

Is Watson a robot apex legends?

Theories were sparked in Apex Legends after a new Wattson skin hinted that the character was actually not fully human after all, but a developer has now weighed in to clarify.

Is caustic immune to enemy gas?

Allows you to see enemies through Nox Gas. Caustic is immune to the effects of Nox Gas whether it belongs to him or an enemy Caustic. Enemies inside the gas created from your tactical and ultimate abilities are highlighted green, similar to a threat scope. This vision is not obstructed by walls or other obstacles.

Is caustic Wattson’s father?

Caustic was a scientist and expert in pesticides who tested his poisonous gas on living test subjects. Wattson is the daughter of the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer. Being a prodigy, she was commissioned to build the Modified Containment Ring, but her father died the day of its reveal.

Is Bangalore a boy or girl?

BangaloreReal NameAnita WilliamsGenderFemaleAge38Weight180 lbs (82 kg)12 more rows•Feb 4, 2019

Who is the youngest legend in Apex?

Ages – from youngest to oldest32 – Wraith.34 – Loba.35 – Bangalore.37 – Horizon (+88)48 – Caustic.288 – Revenant.Unknown – Bloodhound.Unknown – Pathfinder.More items…

Who has the smallest Hitbox apex?

WraithHere are the hitbox sizes of all the legends in Apex. Wraith still keeps her crown as the smallest character with a 95,997-pixel hitbox, while Gibraltar is still the biggest guy around with a 203,396-pixel hitbox.

Is wattson missing an arm?

Wattson does NOT have a cybernetic arm. In early concept art, she did, but the decision was made to cut it. Occasionally, it shows back up in a non-canon skin (as well as prosthetic transparent kneecaps which was crazy-cool), but in our reality, she indeed has both of her arms.

Is Pathfinder a boy or girl?

PathfinderReal NameMRVNGenderMaleAgeAt least 75Weight937 lbs (425 kg)13 more rows

Does wattson revive faster?

Like Lifeline, Gibraltar’s new animation is tied to his gameplay, operating as a visual cue for all nearby players that a quick revive is happening. Though it’s unique, Wattson’s revival is no faster or slower than the other legends; it’s purely cosmetic.

Is Bloodhound a girl?

Bloodhound is and will always be Non-Binary. That’s that. Everyone has a born gender, ALSO in the old ways thingy mabob you can see more female lips, puckered up if you will, Respawn is NOT the company to just say ¨Oh we are going to make them non-binary!

Who is Ajay Che?

Ajay Che is the real name of the Lifeline medic in Apex Legends. As a child of wealthy war profiteers, Che abandoned her home, and enlisted with the Frontier Corps, a humanitarian organization, in an attempt to repair the damage her parents had done.

Is caustic evil?

Caustic has been a diabolical menace in Apex since the game launched. However, he’s been ‘losing his edge’ and is becoming a lot more appealing in the battle royale’s rich lore, resulting in a renewed interest for the evil scientist.