Quick Answer: What City Does It Snow The Most In?

What are the top 10 snowiest cities?

The Top 10 Snowiest Cities the World (Average Snowfall)Syracuse, USA.Quebec City, Canada.Marquette, USA.St.

John’s, Canada.Sapporo, Japan.Blue Canyon, USA.Aomori City, Japan.Toyama, Japan.More items….

Where is the snowiest place in the US?

Baker in Washington are the snowiest places in the United States which have weather stations, receiving 645 inches (1,640 cm) annually on average. By comparison, the populated place with the highest snowfall in the world is believed to be Sukayu Onsen in the Siberian-facing Japanese Alps.

What are the snowiest cities in the United States?

America’s top 5 snowiest citiesSyracuse, New York: 114.7 inches of snow annually on average.Buffalo, New York: 91.9 inches of snow annually on average. … Rochester, New York: 89.3 inches of snow annually on average. … Flagstaff, Arizona: 87.5 inches of snow annually on average. … Duluth, Minnesota: 83.0 inches of snow annually on average. Duluth, Minn. …

Where should I live if I love snow?

5 Cities for Snow LoversMinneapolis, Minnesota. Called the “City of Lakes,” bisected by the Mississippi River, and boasting 13 large lakes within its borders, it’s no surprise that water is one of Minneapolis’ defining characteristics. … Park City, Utah. … Syracuse, New York. … Crested Butte, Colorado. … Sault Ste.

Which country has never seen snow?

FijiFiji: The tropical island nation, which sits in the South Pacific Ocean and boasts tropical temperatures year-round, has never seen snow.