What Do You Do First In Octopath Traveler?

What is max level in Octopath traveler?

level 99The max level cap you can reach with any single character is level 99.

Once you reach this max level cap in Octopath Traveler, you should find most of the enemies in the game a bit of a walk in the park..

How many hours is Octopath traveler?

60-70 hoursThe completionists who need to find everything and max out all of their characters will find that Octopath Traveler will take upward of 60-70 hours to complete. That number can be extended depending on just how long you spend on every little side quest, but it should be around 60 hours to get everything done.

How do I beat Octopath Galdera?

Use Transfer Rune unboosted on the first turn, then use Light Rune using all of your BP. Then, poke the Omniscient Eye with basic (and unboosted) spear attacks until it is defeated.

What character should I start with Octopath traveler?

Ophilia (Cleric) As one of the select few that can heal right out of the gate, Octopath Traveler’s Ophilia is a decent choice for a starter character. Her damage is slow going and mostly relies on her starting holy light spell. Just like Alfyn, Ophilia begins with a healing spell, but she has even less to manage.

How many party members can you have in Octopath traveler?

four charactersYou can have at most four characters in your party including your starting character. As noted above, your first character is locked in, but the others can be swapped out whenever you visit a tavern. You may be tempted to put off picking up more characters once you have a full party of four.

How many endings does Octopath Traveler have?

eight conclusionsEach character has an ending in Octopath Traveler — there are eight stories, with eight conclusions. But, if you manage to finish them all, there’s still something left for you to discover.

Is Octopath traveler grindy?

Incredibly grindy. It’s literally a grind to get all 8 characters… there is no reason or purpose to the game to carry you forward, to even make the grind bearable.

Do you have to play Octopath traveler 8 times?

No, You Don’t Need to Play It Eight Times Octopath Traveler has eight playable characters, each with their own unique storyline. Despite what you may think, you don’t need to create eight separate save files. … Once you encounter them, you are able to play through the beginning of their story.

Does Octopath traveler get better?

If you don’t like it now, you may want to consider returning it. The stories do get better (but not amazing) other than Primrose’s, but the game’s general magic is strongest in those first ten or twenty hours or so.

How do I progress in Octopath traveler?

Answers. You can progress in whatever way you want. If you want the full experience, I suggest first finishing all of their first chapters, and then begin each of their second chapters from the order of the easiest to the hardest. Switch characters, try new combinations, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

How difficult is Octopath traveler?

Many of the fights feel very straightforward. I wouldn’t necessarily expect the game to be extremely difficult all the time, but minus huge level jumps from chapter to chapter, the actual difficulty of the fights themselves just feel very lacking.

Can you solo Octopath traveler?

The Lone Traveler is a fun challenge to do, you’ll have to complete the game solo, that means you’ll chose your character at the beginning and you’re not allowed to recruit anyone else until you complete the 4 acts of you main character….OCTOPATH TRAVELER.4,481Unique Visitors100Current FavoritesJun 13, 2019

Is Octopath Traveler boring?

The stories of the travelers are very generic and extremely boring. Oddly, the travelers barely interact with each other and the stories did not connect (as far as I saw). Each story is formulaic as well After the first town, you go pick up another traveler, where you have to “learn their story” and do a dungeon.

How old is Olberic?

35 years oldOlberic is 35 years old, making him the oldest traveler.

Does it matter who you start with in Octopath traveler?

That being said, no matter what character you choose to use at the start of Octopath Traveler, the game eases you into battles with that protagonist. … This gives no character any competitive early game advantage over another, so choose whichever character’s story is most compelling to you.