What Is The Opposite Of Intent?

What is intend mean?

transitive verb.

1a : to have in mind as a purpose or goal : plan.

b : to design for a specified use or future.

2a : signify, mean..

How do you prove intent?

For general intent, the prosecution need only prove that the defendant intended to do the act in question, whereas proving specific intent would require the prosecution to prove that the defendant intended to bring about a specific consequence through his or her actions, or that he or she perform the action with a …

Which is done by intent?

Intents are used to signal to the Android system that a certain event has occurred. Intents often describe the action which should be performed and provide data upon which such an action should be done. For example, your application can start a browser component for a certain URL via an intent.

What is the opposite of intend?

What is the opposite of intend?disbelievedismissdisregardforgetignoremisuseneglectusewastebe idle17 more rows

What is the meaning of slothful?

to be lazyTo be slothful is to be lazy. When you’re slothful, you don’t want to do any work. … Being slothful at work could get you fired, and slothful students won’t do well at school. The furry kind of sloth is slow due to its nature, but a slothful person should get a move on!

What is the difference between intension and intention?

It’s a term used in logic and linguistics to refer to the concept that a word evokes. Intension is a common misspelling of intention, but the two words shouldn’t be confused. If you’re talking about an aim or purpose, then you want intention.

What is the synonym of intent?

Some common synonyms of intent are aim, design, end, goal, intention, objective, object, and purpose.

Is intent a word?

noun. something that is intended; purpose; design; intention: The original intent of the committee was to raise funds. the act or fact of intending, as to do something: criminal intent.

What is intention explain with example?

The definition of intention is a determination or plan to do a specific thing. An example of intention is someone going to nursing school. … My intention is to learn Russian.

Is being slothful a sin?

Sloth is a sin against God’s love in that it goes so far as to refuse the joy that comes from God and to be repelled by divine goodness. … The slothful lack the courage and zeal for the great things that God has prepared for all who love him.

How do you use intend?

Intend sentence examplesSurely he didn’t intend to be verbally invisible the entire visit. … You intend to stay out there – alone with him? … So what does she intend to do? … My queen, what do you intend to do? … She didn’t intend to sound so injured. … How long do you intend to stay? … But when I get married, I intend to take my vows seriously.More items…

What is the difference between intention and purpose?

When used as nouns, intention means the goal or purpose behind a specific action or set of actions, whereas purpose means an object to be reached. When used as verbs, intention means intend, whereas purpose means to have set as one’s purpose.

What is the antonym of intention?

What is the opposite of intention?aimlessnessavoidancehatredneglectpurposelessnessthoughtlessnessdeterrentdiscouragementhindrance1 more row

What is the opposite of slothfulness?

Indolent is a milder term for the same quality; the slothful man hates action; the indolent man loves inaction. Compare VAIN. Antonyms: active, busy, diligent, employed, industrious, occupied, working.

What is another word for fickle?

Some common synonyms of fickle are capricious, inconstant, mercurial, and unstable.

What does the word intent mean?

1 : a usually clearly formulated or planned intention : aim the director’s intent. 2a : the act or fact of intending : purpose especially : the design or purpose to commit a wrongful or criminal act admitted wounding him with intent. b : the state of mind with which an act is done : volition. 3a : meaning, significance.

What is the purpose of intent?

An Intent object carries information that the Android system uses to determine which component to start (such as the exact component name or component category that should receive the intent), plus information that the recipient component uses in order to properly perform the action (such as the action to take and the …

How do you explain intentions?

1 : a determination to act in a particular way She announced her intention to run for president. 2 : an aim or plan It’s his intention to win.