What Is Yield Return?

What is yield return null?

yield return null will wait until the next frame and then continue execution.

In your case it will check the condition of your while loop the next frame.

Without yield return null it just executes trough the while loop in one frame..

Are coroutines threads?

Coroutines are very similar to threads. However, coroutines are cooperatively multitasked, whereas threads are typically preemptively multitasked. This means that coroutines provide concurrency but not parallelism.

What is an IEnumerator?

IEnumerator is an interface, which when implemented allows you to iterate through the list of controls. To implement it requires that you provide two methods – Reset to go back to the beginning of the list, and MoveNext to move forward, and Current to get the current item.

What does yield do in C?

The yield keyword performs custom and stateful iteration and returns each element of a collection one at a time sans the need of creating temporary collections. The yield keyword, first introduced in C# 2.0, T returns an object that implements the IEnumerable interface.

Is yield return thread safe?

Because enumerating through a collection is usually not thread-safe a yield return is not either.

How does yield return work?

When a yield return statement is reached in the iterator method, expression is returned, and the current location in code is retained. Execution is restarted from that location the next time that the iterator function is called. You can use a yield break statement to end the iteration.

What is Python yield?

yield is a keyword in Python that is used to return from a function without destroying the states of its local variable and when the function is called, the execution starts from the last yield statement.

Is IEnumerable thread safe?

For non thread safety you need writing and reading operations. … IEnumerable doesn’t define modifying methods, but it doesn’t mean that access operators are thread safe ( GetEnumerator , MoveNext and etc.) Simplest example: GetEnumerator implemented as this: Every time returns same instance of IEnumerator.

Should I use list or IEnumerable?

11 Answers. IEnumerable describes behavior, while List is an implementation of that behavior. When you use IEnumerable , you give the compiler a chance to defer work until later, possibly optimizing along the way. If you use ToList() you force the compiler to reify the results right away.

What does yield mean?

1 : to give (something) over to the power or control of another : surrender The troops would not yield the fort to the enemy. 2 : to give in He yielded to temptation. 3 : to produce as a natural product These trees yield fruit.

What is yield in programming?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In computer science, yield is an action that occurs in a computer program during multithreading, of forcing a processor to relinquish control of the current running thread, and sending it to the end of the running queue, of the same scheduling priority.

What is yield return unity?

The yield return statement is special; it is what actually tells Unity to pause the script and continue on the next frame. There are a number of ways that can be used to yield return; one of which is to create an instance of the WaitForSeconds class.

Does yield return Python?

Python yield returns a generator object. Generators are special functions that have to be iterated to get the values. The yield keyword converts the expression given into a generator function that gives back a generator object.